Metal fabrication is very popular and one of the oldest techniques of manufacturing. The process evolves a lot with time and gets a modern shape to match the current needs of modern industries and product manufacturing techniques. However, still, there are mistakes that welders often make and should be avoided.

Thus, it still needs a significant amount of training to handle the matter of metal fabrication in Croydon without any hassle.

Mistakes in Metal Fabrication

  • Improper Assumption

Metal fabrication is applicable to various industries. Different types of products can be manufactured for several industrial applications. A welder should never assume that type before discussing the specific need of the client for a certain project. So, instead of assuming what your client will need, ask them what they actually require from you.

  • Wrong Arc Striking

Striking the arc is done to produce heat that is required to complete welding. The welder should choose the right point for arc striking to achieve the best beads possible. False marking of the arc can damage the metal work piece, and it will be costly damage.

  • Incorrect Metal Usage

In most cases, metal fabricators use cheap yet top quality metals; a lack of understanding about metals’ properties can cause trouble for the entire project. It is required to discuss thoroughly with the client about the type of metal they want to use for their product.

  • Wrong Time Calculation

While producing metal products through fabrication, improper calculation of estimated time can make things tough for both welders and clients. It is necessary to calculate the approximate time to finish the project rightly and try to maintain the deadline as per the same.

  • Improper Storage of Fillers

Fillers are used during welding with the aim to join two pieces of metals together. You should not store them in moist areas. Storing filler materials improperly will make them more susceptible to corrosion, and the end product will become defective.

Choose the Right Welder

To avoid imperfection in your metal fabrication project, you must deal with an experienced and reputable welder in Croydon. These experts have vast knowledge and experience in handling different types of metals during the fabrication process.

DM Fabrication is one such company. We have trained and skilled fabricators to deliver flawless products to our clients. Our units use modern techniques for safe metal fabrication at a competitive cost.

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