Raw metal material has to undergo various types of metal fabrication processes before being used for manufacture and assembly. These methods can differ based on the purpose of the metal. However, they can still be found in several structural, industrial or decorative applications.

Companies in Croydon design many metal fabrication techniques. Here are the four main types-

  • Cutting: Usually, this technique includes removing unwanted pieces from the metal specimen —ferrous or non-ferrous. After the removal of the unnecessary portion, the completed workpiece can be fitted so that it may work with other components and systems.
  • Welding: Welding can simply be defined as the method in which two metals are joined together. While various types of welding techniques exist, they all possess similar features. Welding may be a different technique; however, just like other methods, it also needs a metal specimen or workpiece. Moreover, it is a process where welding equipment and a shielding gas are used along with consumable or non-consumable electrodes, flux and fillers.
  • Casting: The process of metal casting begins with heating a metal until it reaches its melting point; it is then poured into an empty cavity mould having a particular design. The metal is then left to cool until it completely hardens, followed by post-processing that eliminates minor defects and enhances the metal’s finish.
  • Metal Stamping: The method of metal stamping is used for the purpose of designing vehicle components such as trunk lids, wheel hubcaps, doors, firewalls, etc. Appropriate for automotive purposes, car lovers can make the most of this process to design speciality parts uniquely for high-speed vehicles.

Other than those mentioned above, Extrusion and Forging are two other metal fabrication techniques. Extrusion is not only relevant for metals but can also be used for producing polymer and other plastic-based products. Like cutting, forging is an age-old trustworthy method that is used to mould metals into a variety of sizes.

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